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20. Stegos The 3D Dinomat 100% Food Grade Silicone Placemat

SKU: $34.99


Available in Colors: Magical Magenta, Caribbean Blue, Fire Engine Red, Grasshopper Green and Sunshine Yellow

  •  Extra tall deep food compartments holding 11 oz and 4 oz for soup, cereal, and much more!
  •  100% food grade FDA Approved, heat resistant, microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe nonslip silicone placemat food mat with strong suction on the table and will fit most highchairs-measures 15" x 10".
  •  Unique 3D shape of a stegosaurus with a raised alphabet and number line to excite your little one and make mealtime fun!
  •  Comes with a reusable, washable, durable locking travel bag for easy carrying to restaurants and any other special family gathering.
  •  Includes Stegos the Dino Kids Fun Facts on the stegosaurus for hours of family sharing!

Stegos the friendly dinosaur will delight your little one with many interesting facts about his species the stegosaurus while exciting them for mealtime with his unique 3D shape! Stegos The Dinomat Placemat has two deep large 1" compartments of 11 oz and 4 oz to prevent spills and plenty of space for a balanced meal.

The strong suction of this food mat measuring 15" x 10" means that the plate is secure on both tables and will fit most highchairs.

This unique placemat has both a raised alphabet and number line to not only enhance that special time with your little one but stimulate their desire for a lifelong love of learning!

Includes Stegos the Dino Kids Fun Facts for hours of family fun! Comes with a washable, reusable, durable, locking travel bag for easy carrying to restaurants or those special family gatherings!

*SAFETY is #1: The Dinomat is 100% food grade silicone, hypo-allergenic, does not harbor bacteria and is BPA, PHthalate plus PVC Free. It is microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe plus comes with FDA approval! Please see SGS test report for more details.

*EASY to USE: Stegos The Dinomat Placemat suctions easily to flat surfaces as long as the back of the placemat is clean. When your little one has finished eating, simply peel the tray from the surface by lifting the edges and can be easily stacked to carry from table or highchair to the dishwasher. Simply wash it in the sink with warm water and a little dish soap to remove any food particles especially between crevices and then place it in the dishwasher. Stegos The Dinomat can be enjoyed from infant through toddler years and more!!.

*Please note that the compartments are where the strong suction occurs however if the child grips the ends or even the tail of the Dinomat it can lift up. So keep an eye on your little one as they get older and remind them that Stegos really doesn't like his tail pulled!

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